The Molèn Academy is committed to professional development and provides education in line with trends and innovations in the global market, with the aim of advancing both the career of the individual and society.

The basic principles of the Molèn Academy: creativity, innovation, and expertise are the three imperatives that inspire excellence and are pillars of action and long-term success.

The innovation of the Molèn Academy is reflected primarily in the methodology and philosophy of work, as well as in the brand itself.

We create and upgrade educational programs in accordance with world trends, emphasizing systematic knowledge and skills that meet the needs of the modern business environment, and they were created by prominent and proven experts from the country and the world, based on their expertise and valuable experience. All Molèn programs are improved in line with customer needs and market innovations.

Teaching groups have a limited number of participants, with a focus on interactive participation in lectures, through discussions of best practice examples, solving case studies, project assignments, simulations, and direct mentoring from leading experts from the country and abroad.

Molèn Talent base

Molèn is building a Talent Base for partner companies to help meet the needs of quality staff whose knowledge and skills keep pace with the fast-growing market that every company needs.
In this way, the Molèn Academy contributes to the improvement of the local community and the Republic of Serbia, but also the region, encouraging the improvement and advancement of students in their careers, and improving the quality of education and employment in the country and region.

Molèn alumni participants have access to a closed LinkedIn group, created with the aim of continuing discussions and encouraging the exchange of useful information, as well as networking, among both participants and lecturers.

Note: All participants who are part of the Talent Database join voluntarily and in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Processing.

For more information on the conditions and access to the Talent Base, you can contact us at