The training was created toward to the PMI methodology, according to which about 70% of organizations in the world work today. Participants are guided step by step through the methodological procedure, with parallel implementation of interactive exercises and a practical workshop based on examples of projects, from the business environment of the participants, which maximizes the acquisition and applicability of knowledge. As part of the workshop, participants will receive a set of templates of key project tools on which they implement practical examples, which they will be able to apply to projects in their organization after completing the training.

The aim of the training is for participants to understand project management and its specifics in relation to other areas of management, as well as to acquire skills in initiating, planning, and executing projects in accordance with set goals, monitoring, and control of implementation and formal closure of projects. standard groups of processes that each project goes through.

The complete training can be prepared and adapted so that its practical part follows specific project topics of your choice and of course with respect for the confidentiality of internal information.

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