The one-day workshop "How to improve online sales?" is intended for everyone who wants to improve their business or the client's business and significantly increase both the number of visits via Google search and the number of sales.

At the workshop, you certainly will not learn how to be the first on Google in a month. You will learn how to work with Google and how to make it your best friend when it comes to your business. This is primarily a practical workshop, with minimal presentation, but maximum dedication to your business or your needs to lay the foundations for future SEO activities.

Why is it worth investing in a workshop like this?

First, SEO is not a one-time activity, but a continuous process. You'll learn how to follow trends in the SEO world, how to adapt to new search engine algorithms, and how to keep your site relevant and visible.

Second, the workshop introduces you to key tools and techniques for effective ranking. You will understand how keywords affect your visibility and how to use them most effectively.

It is known that for most websites and businesses, Google is the primary channel of visits and the generator of the largest number of sales. The typical behavior of a person looks like this: a person sees an ad on Google, Facebook, or Instagram - visits the site by clicking on the ad, but does not make a purchase, because that is the habit of people. Indecision is very present, but remember what they want and what they will do next. They are looking for the same by expressing their need on Google. That's where SEO comes in.

Your goal is to be at the top of the Google search, so that they significantly increase the chance that they will come to your site.

To reach that result, the following is necessary:

1. Understand how Google search works.

2. Understand the behavior of people when they turn to Google for help.

3. How to optimize a site for Google and what is necessary to know to do it?

4. Which tools are necessary to use, which tools are worth investing time and money in, and which will help you a lot?

5. How to increase the visibility of YouTube channels and businesses on Google Maps?

6. How to apply all this to your business?

Also, the workshop includes an analysis of the competition and how to stand out. You'll understand how your niche is performing online and how to use that information to improve your business.

After the workshop, you will have a clear plan on how to implement SEO strategies and how to measure their success. Through continuous learning and application, your site can achieve significant growth in traffic and sales, which directly affects increased revenue. Investing in an SEO workshop is an investment in the long-term success of your online business.

Note: Due to the quality of lectures and workshops, the number of places in the group is limited to 9 people.

The workshop lasts one day from 10 a.m. to 5:00 p.m

New date: Autumn 2024.


 Vladimir Ćuk, Head of Marketing and E-commerce, Analytics at Gigatron