Who is the program for?

Knowledge of social media marketing is useful for a wide range of professions - from marketing professionals - to brand managers, PR managers, and all those involved in planning and implementing digital campaigns, but also entrepreneurs who want to position their brands or personal brand on social networks. The program is for all those who recognize the potential of social media marketing and want to acquire the first or improve existing knowledge.

Social networks have become one of the most dominant forms of communication and have drastically influenced the change in the traditional relationship between consumers and brands. Through the Social media marketing program, we will introduce you to the basic characteristics, rules, and guidelines for successful communication and advertising via Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other important online communication channels. After the training, you will have practical knowledge of how to set up and plan communication on social networks so that it brings the best results for your brand.

Maja Grbović, Head of Media, Mercator S