What you will learn?

This program will enable you to respond to the needs and challenges of the market from the perspectives of people management, and talent development and provide you with a well-established focus on how to define and express competency requirements, attract people who meet these requirements, and select candidates who are most competent or have the most potential to be. Employees are the "brain" of the organization and the reason behind the success of that organization, so it is important to lead the team in the right way, but also to develop skills within the team. The program is intended for everyone who wants to get acquainted with the key principles and models of individual development, as well as the concept of Design Thinking, Well-being, and Employer branding.

The lecturers are experienced experts from the region, and you will have the opportunity to listen to guest lecturers from all over the world who will visit Molèn during the semester because of you.

At the end of the training, regular participants receive an official certificate from the Molèn Academy.

Note: Due to the quality of lectures and workshops, the number of places for live teaching is limited to 2 groups of 9 people.

Lectures in Belgrade are held once a week from 5.30 pm to 9.00 pm on the premises of the Molèn Academy, for a period of five months.

Tuition for lectures in Belgrade: 1190 euros + VAT, payment is possible in five installments.

Lectures in Podgorica are held once a month (Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) for five months.

Tuition for lectures in Podgorica: 1490 euros + VAT, payment is possible in five installments.

It is also possible to attend the academy online.

Sonja Jovanović, HR Associate Director, Ernst & Young
Tatjana Šokčić, Chief Executive Officer, HR Centar

Human Resources Management
Human Resources Management
1190 EUR + PDV

Payment: In 5 installments

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