What you will learn

Copywriting Workshop is a one-day workshop, which will introduce you to the theoretical and practical frameworks of copywriting and work in a creative team in a simple, comprehensive and interactive way.

Together we will examine what it takes for each of us to discover and develop our creativity, and then how that creativity is articulated in the direction of "applied writing".

Through relevant examples, we will learn to distinguish between types of creative campaigns, basic copywriting concepts, and we will get to know the ways in which the postulates of each brand influence the style of writing marketing texts for its communication channels.

We will talk about how important storytelling is to marketing,
just like for life itself.
In the practical work, we will depict the process of brainstorming - team creation of ideas, and we will also try different techniques of "breaking through" potential creative blockages in that process.

This workshop is useful for anyone who wants to do copywriting - independently
or within creative agencies, for copywriters with the intention of expanding existing knowledge, as well as for all founders of their own brands who are just entering the world of marketing communications

Note: Due to the quality of lectures and workshops, the number of places in the group is limited to 9 people.

Participants receive an official Molèn Academy certificate.

The workshop lasts one day from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Date: Autumn 2024


Ana ŠutićChief Creative Officer, New Moment