What you will learn?

Familiarity with theoretical and practical models of creating content for the needs of digital media (Video, Radio, FB, Instagram) with special reference to the skill of inter-narrative, practical applications, narratological and intertextual disputes. The program contributes to gaining insight into the complex structure of contemporary media images, performances and narratives; observing the conditioning of interdisciplinary elements and connections; crystallization of contemporary communication accumulation; a clear approach to citations and self-citations in business and PR communication.

At the end of the training, regular participants receive an official Molèn Academy certificate.

Note: Due to the quality of lectures and workshops, the number of places in the group is limited to 9 people.

Payment is possible in two installments, except in the case when the student registers before the very beginning of the program.


Miomir PetrovićPhD, Dramaturge, Author, Professor of university