What you will learn?

Leadership is an educational workshop on "Basic Concepts of Leadership" which is designed as a modern blend of different theoretical frameworks, models, and approaches used to understand the concept of leadership better and to develop skills for effective leadership and management of people in organizations.

The program combines popular conventional methods with those currently applied by current world experts on the subject and leads you to come to conclusions and concrete ideas and steps for further personal and professional development through an interactive workshop.

 This workshop is designed for:

- Ambitious individuals who expect promotion and want to prepare for greater responsibilities.

- Young individuals who have recently progressed for the first time in their career and now find themselves in the team leader role.

- Young managers who want to improve their skills in managing and leading a team.

- Young entrepreneurs who want to build a solid foundation for successful management of their business.

- All employed individuals who work in teams and want to develop their leadership potential in order to become leaders in the future.

Learn the basics of leading yourself and others; how to lead teams with different characters; how to foster a more open atmosphere in the team; how to establish trust; build relationships with superiors, subordinates and throughout the organization; how to lead teams in transitions; how to have difficult conversations; how to inspire and motivate people around you and much more….

At the end of the training, regular participants receive an official Molèn Academy certificate.

Note: Due to the quality of lectures and workshops, the number of places in the group is limited to 9 people.

Payment is possible in two installments, except in the case when the participant registers before the beginning of the workshop.

Date 25.05.2024.

Duration of the workshop: 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.


Andreja MilkićAccount Director, Leo Burnett